These instructions are relevant to all in flight videos supplied on USB or SD Card with the exception of Spitfire videos which will play natively on all platforms.

Windows -

All videos will play natively on windows media player and don't require any additional software. Simply insert the USB or SD card into your computer or card reader, locate the video file and double click to play.


Unfortunately Mac computers don't play AVI files natively but the good news is it is very simple to obtain FREE software to make this happen. 

Please watch the simple instructional video below.

Smart TVs and other devices -

While we can't cover every device here, we have tested numerous TVs and media players and generally AVI files are compatible.

If in doubt consult the manufacturer to see if their device supports AVI playback.

Unfortunately we can only provide this information as a broad basis for playing AVI video files. We are unable to give IT advice on any specific issues.

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